3 Things to do before asking for a promotion

Are you ready to take the next step in your career? 

If the answer is yes, then great! You know what you want out of your career and sometimes that’s half the battle. 

However, there are three suggestions I have for aspiring female business leaders who come to me in preparation for asking their boss for a promotion. Because when it comes to success, it’s not just about asking your company for what you want—it’s doing so in the most strategic way possible. 

Before asking your boss for a promotion, make sure to take you take care of the following three action steps

Believe in yourself. Most people underestimate their own abilities and overestimate the abilities of others. Quit questioning if you are right for the job and believe without a doubt that you are. This trigger in your mind will bring forth opportunities that you never noticed before.

Check in with your boss on the needs of the company and your performance. Many employers are hesitant to go out of their way to tell you your shortcomings. Few managers hold their employees accountable –that leaves a lot of unknowns. Instead, take initiative by seeking regular feedback. This lets you know that you are on track and what you need to spend your time working on.

How can you start? Ask for your boss’s advice on how you can move up within the company and let them know the position that you desire. All good bosses know they need a predecessor and are happy to help bring you up through the ranks.

Ask to join meaningful strategic projects and advocate for the training that you need.

Make a Promotion Plan. A Promotion Plan not only communicates the value that you have brought to the company, but it showcases your ideas for the future. When you can strategically bring ideas in writing to your boss, it will make you the obvious choice for promotions.

Take time and deliver your ideas in a meaningful way.

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