Take Control Of Your Promotions

You are the heroine of your career. It’s time to stop waiting and start doing.

My Promotion Plan
will show you how.

Take Control Of Your Promotions

You are the heroine of your career. It’s time to stop waiting and start doing.

My Promotion Plan
will show you how.

Become Indispensable

Women are losing out on promotions to lesser-qualified candidates. The solution?

Promote yourself and the hard work you’re doing right now.



Stop waiting for someone else to promote you–you’re in charge of your career.


Spend more time on the work you enjoy and do well.


Find joy and satisfaction in your success.

Mary has an enormous heart for empowering women to advance professionally.

“Her experiences are so relatable and her teacher’s heart invites all to want to engage with her on a deeper level. Mary is a phenomenal leader to demonstrate her method and process through the tangible steps she took to achieve her own career success.”
Kimberly “KP” LoveJoy

Build Your Promotion Strategy

Women think they need to wait to be 100% qualified–even overqualified before they can get a promotion. That’s simply not true! With the RIGHT preparation and a clear plan, you can reach your career goals faster than you think.

 Our in-depth classes give you an empowering mindset and powerful framework to make an achievable plan for your career.

Approach conversations about promotions and raises with confidence


Set the right goals that will get you to what you REALLY want


Create a promotion plan that will capture the attention of your manager


Learn the often-ignored steps that will ensure your plan success


Easily highlight your success and present them the right way to your boss


Become a forward-thinking, idea generating machine


Know your worth and talk with ease about compensation


Never stop growing so your progress continues until you reach your goal


Plan your promotion meeting to ensure success

Getting Started Is Easy

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Take a bold step forward.

How much income does every missed promotion lose you?

  • Are you waiting to make big life decisions because you need a better salary?

  • Are you already buried by student debt and can’t go back for another degree?

  • How much longer can you keep waiting to get noticed?

Staying in your current position may already be costing you more than just money.

My Promotion Plan Experience

For women executives, business owners, and women ready to make the C-Suite leap.
  • Strengthen skills essential to successful team leadership.
  • Step-by-step guidance to building a promotion plan your boss will love.
  • Lifetime access to My Promotion Plan.


“Mary is incredibly insightful and her program is life-changing. It is truly valuable to work with a coach like Mary when you aren’t entirely sure where to start. “
Nicole Scott

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Stop waiting to be noticed. Own your value by designing a path to your next raise and promotion.

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